TMG (The Moore Group Inc) is a full service contractor. Please see our company’s experience and what we offer listed below:


We are a full service Staffing Firm that service a wide array of disciplines. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, temp to hire, or direct hire personnel, we are able to provide these services.
We have skilled employees ready for work.

Staffing Experience:

  • Provided 40 laborers per day in completion of housing units for concrete slab/rebar for Housing Authority of New Orleans as a subcontractor to Durr Heavy Equipment.
  • Provided carpenters and electricians for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a subcontractor to Shaw Group for Levee project.
  • Provided Warehouse personnel for Department of Interior’s New Orleans Facility.
  • Provided Administrative personnel for GSA’s Dallas Office
  • Provided Administrative personnel for Texas Workforce Department in Houston Texas
  • Provided Administrative personnel for HII-Ingalls in Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Provided Pipe-fitters for HII- Ingalls Shipyards in Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Provided Pipe-fitters for DXP for their Harahan, Louisiana Facility
  • Provided Administrative and Contract personnel to Kellogg Brown & Root Houston, Texas location
  • Provided 50 assembly workers for large Houston facility
  • Provided Janitorial personnel for 23 Houston Independent School District as a subcontractor to GCA

Construction Division

TMG (The Moore Group, Inc) is a licensed General Contractor in Construction. We are a Licensed, Certified, Insured & Bonded Company.

TMG Construction Division services include traditional General Contracting, Construction & Project Management.

The TMG Team is well diverse in all areas necessary for Pre-Construction Management. We invest time, money, resources & attention to detail as it relates to ensuring that our clients receive the best advice, the best finished product on every project.


  • Install of 120kv generator for Veterans Administration Medical Center (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • Build-out of Audiology Clinic for Veterans Administration Medical Center (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Renovated Parking Garage Lobby For VA Medical Center (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Built 3-story 10,000 square foot building for downtown Houston
  • Job Order Contractor (Subcontractor) for Houston Independent Schools (Houston, Texas)
  • Job Order Contractor (Subcontractor) for Pasadena Independent Schools (Pasadena, Texas)
  • Job Order Contractor (Subcontractor ) for Houston Community College (Houston, Texas)
  • Renovation of Housing Units at Housing Authority of New Orleans housing units (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Renovation of Jefferson Parish Health Center Kitchen (Marrero, Louisiana)
  • Renovation of Jefferson Parish Health Center Waiting Rooms (Marrero, Louisiana)
  • Hurricane Repair for JLG Lift Facility (Houston, Texas)
  • Built 8,000 square feet Educational Facility for Mt.Olive Baptist Church 9 (Dickinson, Texas)
  • Renovated 2- Administrative Buildings for Marathon Petroleum (Pasadena, Texas)

Emergency Response Division

TMG was a Prime Contractor on one of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Group Site Maintenance Trailer contracts. TMG managed over 500 Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Trailers/over 700 acres at 6 locations throughout Louisiana. Our tasks included providing Ground Maintenance/Grass-Cutting Services, Janitorial, On-Call Plumbing & Electrical Services, Paving & Maintaining Roadways to & from trailer, Herbicides & Pest Control Services.

TMG workload also includes subcontract work for one of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Trailer Maintenance Contracts for the State of Louisiana. TMG’s home renovations for the New Orleans Region included; drywall repair, electrical, plumbing & flooring.

TMG also provided debris hauling services in Houston, Texas immediately following Hurricane Harvey.

TMG (The Moore Group Inc) also sold vehicles to the Department of Homeland Security.

Grounds/Facility Maintenance Division

TMG’s Facility Maintenance department specializes in all aspects of these areas within the Commercial, Public, Oil & Gas, Power, Municipalities, Federal, & Defense sectors throughout the United States.

Our experience includes servicing parks , medians, solar farms, power plants, sewerage and water treatment plants, and Federal Housing units to name a few.

TMG (The Moore Group, Inc) offers the following services:

Lawn Care
a) Mowing

b) Trimming

c) Edging

d) Weed Control

e) Fertilization

f) Irrigation

Tree and Shrub
a) Pruning

b) Shaping

c) Fertilization

d) Installation

e) Removal

f) Stump Removal

Additional Services include the following:
1. Road Repair

2. Parking Lot Maintenance and Striping

3. Parking Lot Weed Control

4. Brush Clearing

5. Building Edge Weed Control

6. Sod Installation

7. Top Soil Installation

Grounds Maintenance/Facilities Projects

  • City of New Orleans Grounds Maintenance for Medians/Parks/700 acres (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • New Orleans Sewerage and Water board Grounds Maintenance projects for 2 facilities (New Orleans , Louisiana)
  • Entergy Power Plant- Provides Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Services
  • Entergy Solar Farm- provides Grounds Maintenance, Weed Control and Road Repair Services
  • Grounds Maintenance for Houston Independent Schools (Houston Texas)
  • Janitorial Services for 10 of Houston Independent Schools (Houston Texas)
  • Janitorial Services for U.S. Army (Beaumont, Texas)
  • On Call Facilities repair for JLG Facility
  • U.S. Strategic Petroleum Resource 4 facilities 2 located in Louisiana and 2 Located in Texas
  • Planted New Sod for Housing Authority of New Orleans
  • Performed Hydro-seeding for US. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Project 9 West Bank Louisiana as subcontractor to Kiewit.
  • Performed Facilities Support Services for US. Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans East as a subcontractor for Shaw Group.